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July Alum of the Month: Warburger State of Mind

How did you document the highlights of your exchange experience? Our July alumni of the month, Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) alum James Roldan chose to showcase his experience through music.

CBYX is CIEE-sponsored exchange program for high school students to immerse themselves in German culture by living with a host family and attending a local German high school. Roldan’s Ambassador Project for CBYX, ‘Warburger State of Mind,’ highlights his favorite aspects of his host town of Warburg, Germany, such as its history, landmarks, food, and people.  James created an original 3-minute music video about his exchange year in Germany, which centers on the experience of learning the German language, establishing a routine in Germany, and thanking the Bundestag for their support. 

James Roldan_Welcome to the Hansestadt1

James Roldan_prideandsymbol2

James Roldan_gyroandburger3

James Roldan_Warburg4

Watch the full video here: 

As a result of the music video’s popularity, Roldan was asked to perform at the German Chancellery for Chancellor Angela Merkel, U.S. Ambassador John Emerson, and the entire CBYX group. 


For more of James' work, check out the Youtube playlist, 'The Great Exchange Series,' about his international experience. 


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