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CIEE Alumni Network in Boston

A great crowd of alumni met at Legal Sea Foods in Boston on July 22 for the first CIEE Alumni Boston Chapter event of the year. Hosted by the summer interns that were based in CIEE's Boston office, this event attracted alumni from a variety of programs. Multiple languages were spoken, delicious food was shared, and we even had the pleasure of Teach Abroad alumni sharing their experiences as inspiration for Study Abroad alumni to go abroad again. At the event were alumni who studied or taught in Brazil, Argentina, Botswana, Spain, Czech Republic, Chile, China, Italy, and England. Naturally, all of the Spanish speakers found each other quickly and exercised their language skills! We even had a visit from a nearby dinner party that wanted to learn more about how to host an exchange student to become a part of the CIEE family that way. Overall, it was a productive night of networking for these alumni in Boston. 


Are you in the Boston area? Are you interested in planning CIEE Alumni events? Apply to be the president or vice president of the CIEE Alumni Boston Chapter! As you may know, each CIEE Alumni Local Chapter is run by a president and vice president. These volunteer leaders collaborate with the CIEE Alumni Relations team to organize and host events in their areas, including networking events and community service activities. Alumni located in Boston who participated in any CIEE program are welcome to apply for chapter leadership roles. Simply fill out the online application.

If you want to be a member of the chapter and attend events like this one but are not interested in applying for a leadership role, join the CIEE Alumni Boston Chapter Facebook group.

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