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CIEE's Interns in Boston & Beyond: A Summer in Review


0804 Boston Lunch
Several CIEE interns enjoy lunch with Boston-based CIEE staff.

CIEE is all over the world, but did you know that we’re in Boston too? As you’ve seen on the blog and social media, we had a great group of interns working for CIEE in our Boston office this summer in addition to our alumni intern group in Portland. They spent the summer exploring digital assets and brand management at CIEE study centers around the globe, working with an international taskforce of CIEE staff to have meaningful conversations about digital strategy. Part of the international team was another intern, Cameron Masters, based at CIEE Global Institute – Berlin in Germany. The dynamic group of interns, both alumni and newcomers to CIEE, worked across time zones to complete the extensive project, resulting in a final presentation at CIEE’s headquarters in Portland, Maine.

Here are some fun facts about our digital strategy and brand management interns from this past summer:

Boston intern feature

What was it like to intern at CIEE Global Institute – Berlin? Cameron gives us the inside scoop:

“I am very fortunate to have worked as an intern on CIEE's digital marketing taskforce, while staying on site at CIEE Global Institute – Berlin in Kreuzberg. Revisiting Berlin, where I spent a year abroad in high school, was absorbing, and working with both the team of interns in Boston and the staff and faculty at CIEE Global Institute – Berlin was very rewarding and productive. By the end of the two months in Berlin, our team produced a series of social media guidelines for CIEE that are now beginning to be implemented on the ground. I am incredibly appreciative of my Boston teammates' hard work, and by the professionalism and support of the faculty and staff at both CIEE Global Institute – Berlin and Portland.”

What was a summer in Boston with CIEE like? (Hint: there was a lot of Skype!) Kerry put together this video of snapshots from the interns’ summer together, working hard in the Boston office, exploring the city, and visiting global headquarters in Portland, Maine:


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