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International Stories of Love: Olesya Baranova


My relationship with America is rather intricate, as it sometimes happens between people loving each other – strong, emotional, changing from "we're better to break up" to "can't live without you," from "I've met someone else" to "let's start everything from scratch."

It started as a first love.

CIEE Work & Travel USA was my first ever trip abroad. I did everything on my own: got a job offer, took a trip to another city for a visa, traveled a long way to my final destination (Khabarovsk - Seoul - Los Angeles - San Diego), and there I was in sunny California! They say that California is the best place in the U.S. and San Diego is the best place in California, and I truly believe that. San Francisco and Los Angeles, the quiet Death Valley and adventurous Universal Studios, natural Yosemite and crazy Six Flags, Balboa Park with its wonderful architecture and La Jolla Shores with sea lions, authentic Old Town and the greatest zoo in the world - I've seen all of it. The smell of wind in the air and the spirit of freedom in the soul surrounded me.

Like with a first love, it was so romantic. Even more than the state and the city, I loved all the smiles new friends shared with me, the adventures we had working, living, and traveling together, and the experiences I brought back with me to Russia. Nevertheless, like in many cases with a first love, it was heartbreaking; I left a piece of my heart in America in return for all the impressions it gave me.

After trying to overcome the affection, and at the same time knowing that after doing CIEE Work & Travel USA there are no borders in this world, I went to a completely different place, South Korea, to volunteer at International Art Residency. I was happy there, in that mix of Asian traditions and modern technologies, and it was easy for me to adapt to new circumstances after my previous summer abroad.

Still, a piece of my heart in the U.S. was calling. Love was getting more serious and required more efforts on the way. As a result, I went back to America on the CIEE Internship USA program after graduation. I have no doubt that my CIEE Work & Travel USA experience was among the key enablers for that. I had already improved my English a lot and proved that I can live and work in an American environment.

The internship was truly amazing! I was glad to go to the office every Monday morning, and my manager was a big role model for me. The personal and professional growth that I experienced was invaluable. I had my first project, first team, and first business trip to another state for a client visit. I also got to see a lot of new places, exploring the Northeast this time. Chicago, New York, Niagara Falls – I still loved America!

Yet I still loved “someone else” – Russia.

I always wanted to live in Moscow, but to move there from my hometown sounded unreal. The bravest people were doing that and I didn't feel I was the one of them before the internship. After a year in the U.S., I realized that I could conquer even Moscow, and I did it! Thanks to my relevant experience during the internship, I got a job in an American company as an engineer (yeah, I couldn't really break up with “my love”). Empowered and motivated, I grew to senior engineer, then to team lead, and soon to manager. I'm very successful in my career now, but I always remember where and how I took my first steps.

Olesya's San Deigo wedding
Olesya's San Deigo wedding

One day, a 19-years-old girl (myself during my CIEE Work & Travel USA summer) sat at Balboa Park in San Diego and observed a wedding ceremony. How wonderful it would be, she thought, to have a wedding here in the place where she’s so blissed. Back then I couldn't even imagine that was possible – it was like a dream that passed through my mind leaving a barely tangible, semi-sweet scent. But guess what? When you really want something, you can overcome any obstacles – that's what doing two CIEE programs has taught me. And when you love, you can do even more!

I have celebrated the best moments of true love – my own wedding – in the city of my love, that amazing American city that impressed me so much 8 years ago!

Thanks, CIEE, for letting me discover America, for letting me grow, and for letting me feel this love.


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