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2 posts from July 2018

Alumni Update - July 2018




Camp Exchange USA Alumni: Share Your Video to Win Big!

Relive your best summer camp memories with the Camp Exchange USA Alumni Video Contest. How? By creating and submitting a video that tells the story of the life you lived at camp. What was it like? Who did you meet? How did it change you? One winner will be selected by CIEE to receive a $200 cash prize. Learn more and enter the contest.

Get Paid to Teach English in Chile

Want to live and work near the white sand beaches of South America’s Pacific coast? How about living in a dynamic urban center within sight of the snow-capped Andes? CIEE’s Teach in Chile program places native English speakers in the capital city of Santiago, the seaport of Valparaíso, the nearby resort of Viña del Mar, and other locations across Chile. Regardless of where you teach, you’ll have your own Chilean adventures inside and outside the classroom. As a CIEE alum, you can receive a 10% discount on the program fee.  

Apply by September 1st and you could be exploring Chile next Spring! Learn more

Want to Study International Affairs? Attend the APSIA Online Graduate School Fair

Much like an exchange program, international affairs programs equip graduates with an understanding of regions, languages, and global trends. The Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs (APSIA) can help match you with the right school to build on your interest in diplomacy, human rights, global development, or sustainability. Learn more about your options by attending their online graduate school fair, where you can explore schools and form connections with admissions staff from wherever you are! The event will be on July 25 from 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM (ET). Register for the event.

The Girl Rising Creative Challenge is Open for Application

Is someone you admire doing great work for gender equality? Or maybe you are the one making the world a better place? Enter the Girl Rising Creative Challenge, powered by HP, for the chance to win big prizes that will help you continue making a difference for girls and women. They are calling on individuals and organizations to share how they are helping to create a gender equal world. Submit videos, artwork, photographs, essays, poetry, music, and more. Learn more about the challenge.


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The Alum of the Month for July is Erin Ruff. Erin studied abroad with CIEE in Legon, Ghana in 2009, where she met a master weaver during a CIEE cultural event. Together, they launched Baskets for Education, selling hand-woven baskets to raise money for children's school fees. Not only has the organization provided school supplies and scholarships to help children learn, but it has also sparked newfound interest in Ghana in a small American town. Learn more about the impact of Erin's experience abroad.

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Excerpts from recently published alumni stories:

"Being abroad and a minority has challenged my identity. I knew that I would be the unique one in the group, but I have been "prepared" for this all of my life, because I grew up as the only black person in my classrooms." -Miracle B. (CIEE Study Abroad, 2018)

"I learned how to communicate with others and know the importance of teamwork after this work and travel program. I led a badminton team in our department to compete in a big tournament. Thanks to the hard work from everyone, we got a trophy!"  -WeiHao Chang (CIEE Work & Travel USA, 2015)



From left: CIEE Alumni in Chicago meet and chat over bites at Eataly; New article shows why the experience of black students is the perfect preparation for study abroad; the U.S. and Germany have built mutual understanding through exchange programs for 35 years and you can be a part of it by hosting a German student! Visit for more information.

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Working at Cedar Point Amusement Park

by WeiHao Chang from Taiwan (CIEE Work & Travel USA, Cedar Point, Ohio, 2015)

Arriving at Cedar Point Amusement Park: This photo was taken on my first day of work. I was excited to meet new friends and learn how to be a lifeguard. Everything was so new and cool, and I wanted to try each of the rides so badly!
Meeting New Friends from Turkey: After buying daily needs from Walmart, I met these two girls who were also waiting for the bus back to the dorm. We had a good time chatting and had more understanding about each other’s language and culture.
Cedar Point World Cup for Employees: My friends and I grouped up and signed up to compete in soccer. Although we lost in the first round to Romania and were eliminated, we had a good time building up teamwork and applying tactics that were actually pretty fun. Both of our teams enjoyed the game and honored great sportsmanship.


Be Professional: Lifeguarding was not an easy job since you have to pay attention to each area of the pool even if there weren’t many guests in water. As my supervisor always told us, “keep your eyes on the water!”


Break Time: Guarding for hours was tiring. Two of my colleagues gave me a big smile when I came to rotate them out for break.
Focus: The toddler pool was one of the most dangerous places for lifeguards. I saved children 2 times when they were drowning. It still gives me chills when I recall those memories. We always reminded each other to stay laser focus while guarding.


Process Out: It was so sad that this day was the day I had to say goodbye to my best friends. We made a promise to visit each other in the future and keep in touch frequently.


Flight Delay: On my way back to Taiwan, I met these two Americans who were also stranded in Shanghai waiting for the delayed flight for tomorrow. Having no experience trying Chinese food, they were happy that I brought them outside of the hotel to try local foods. I was not afraid to talk to strangers then and was willing to step out of my comfort zone.


Teamwork: I learned how to communicate with others and know the importance of teamwork after this work and travel program. I led a badminton team in our department to compete in a big tournament. Thanks to the hard work from everyone, we got a trophy!