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Working at Cedar Point Amusement Park

by WeiHao Chang from Taiwan (CIEE Work & Travel USA, Cedar Point, Ohio, 2015)

Arriving at Cedar Point Amusement Park: This photo was taken on my first day of work. I was excited to meet new friends and learn how to be a lifeguard. Everything was so new and cool, and I wanted to try each of the rides so badly!
Meeting New Friends from Turkey: After buying daily needs from Walmart, I met these two girls who were also waiting for the bus back to the dorm. We had a good time chatting and had more understanding about each other’s language and culture.
Cedar Point World Cup for Employees: My friends and I grouped up and signed up to compete in soccer. Although we lost in the first round to Romania and were eliminated, we had a good time building up teamwork and applying tactics that were actually pretty fun. Both of our teams enjoyed the game and honored great sportsmanship.


Be Professional: Lifeguarding was not an easy job since you have to pay attention to each area of the pool even if there weren’t many guests in water. As my supervisor always told us, “keep your eyes on the water!”


Break Time: Guarding for hours was tiring. Two of my colleagues gave me a big smile when I came to rotate them out for break.
Focus: The toddler pool was one of the most dangerous places for lifeguards. I saved children 2 times when they were drowning. It still gives me chills when I recall those memories. We always reminded each other to stay laser focus while guarding.


Process Out: It was so sad that this day was the day I had to say goodbye to my best friends. We made a promise to visit each other in the future and keep in touch frequently.


Flight Delay: On my way back to Taiwan, I met these two Americans who were also stranded in Shanghai waiting for the delayed flight for tomorrow. Having no experience trying Chinese food, they were happy that I brought them outside of the hotel to try local foods. I was not afraid to talk to strangers then and was willing to step out of my comfort zone.


Teamwork: I learned how to communicate with others and know the importance of teamwork after this work and travel program. I led a badminton team in our department to compete in a big tournament. Thanks to the hard work from everyone, we got a trophy! 


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