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CIEE Alumni Meet at Eataly Chicago

We kicked off the summer with an alumni event at Eataly Chicago last week. Conversations were flowing between delicious Italian appetizers as CIEE connections made this city a smaller place. As our most popular event to date, we were able to meet over 20 new faces and get the ball rolling for what members would like to see in events to come. Stay tuned for the next CIEE Alumni Chicago Chapter event - join the Facebook group for updates!

Eataly photo-2

J-1 Alumni Meetup in Madrid

CIEE alumni gathered in Madrid for a networking event with CIEE staff, employers, and representatives from the U.S. Department of State. Conversation flowed as new connections were made. The group also enjoyed a speech from a CIEE Internship USA alumnus about his amazing internship experience. We look forward to hosting alumni meetups in other global locations!

  Madrid Alumni Event - 9
Madrid Alumni Event - 9
Madrid Alumni Event - 9
Madrid Alumni Event - 9
Madrid Alumni Event - 9
Madrid Alumni Event - 9

Event Recap: Chapter Meeting & Brunch in D.C.

After the cherry blossom viewing event in March, alumni in the D.C. area were excited to reunite in May at TONIC to catch up and discuss ideas for the upcoming year over brunch and cups of coffee. The meeting brought in alumni from CIEE Study Abroad and CIEE Teach Abroad programs, ranging from the 1980's to the past few years. During the meeting, everyone introduced themselves and shared an idea for the CIEE Alumni Washington D.C. Chapter. Ideas ranged from cultural exchange to cooking classes to volunteering to helping new immigrants settle in the D.C. area. As it was also the day of the European Union Open House, a small group went to check out the E.U. office in D.C., where they celebrated the 60th anniversary of the E.U. by learning more about the history and picking up "E.U. pride" accessories. They were even featured on the European Union in the United States Facebook page!






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Event Recap: Volunteering at the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival

April is known as cherry blossom season in Japan, but CIEE alumni in the San Francisco Bay Area got to experience the special season for themselves at a recent alumni event. On April 15, members of the CIEE Alumni San Francisco Bay Area Chapter volunteered together at the 50th Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival, one of California's most prominent celebrations of Asian traditions with over 200,000 attendees. Alumni supported the event by managing the back stage gate of one of the performance stages, where they could see artists and performers from all over Japan prepare and perform their acts. Afterwards, they enjoyed coffee and lunch to celebrate a great day of volunteering together. It was the perfect way to give back to the community and celebrate  Japanese and Japanese-American culture in San Francisco's Japantown!




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Event Recap: American/Russian Exchange at Razvedka

CIEE Alumni Russia Chapter president Dasha describes the most recent chapter event held in Moscow, Russia in partnership with the CIEE study center in Moscow:

"On April 21, a group of CIEE Study Abroad students from the U.S. met up with CIEE alumni (mostly CIEE Work & Travel USA alumni) in Moscow for a fun game of pub quiz at the Razvedka bar! It was a perfect evening where we got together and talked, shared tasty food, and shared ideas about our future. It's amazing how travel to the U.S. united us and, despite the fact that some time has passed, we still have a lot to discuss. I hope that our CIEE family in Russia will grow and more people will participate in our gatherings!"

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Event Recap: Happy Hour at Crocodile Lounge

"The CIEE Alumni New York City Chapter met up in March for a casual happy hour at the Crocodile Lounge to enjoy an evening of networking and Bingo. The alumni came from a variety of career backgrounds - non-profit, fashion, education, finance - and some were students as well. It was a great turnout for our first event of the new year as the chapter also discussed what they would like to see in upcoming events and how to make the chapter thrive.

As per usual, the group had very different experiences with CIEE; some were teachers, some studied abroad, and others were part of a work exchange program.

Hope to see you at the next chapter event! If you want to get involved and have any ideas for upcoming events, feel free to email us." - Ibby Hussain, chapter vice president




Event Recap: Tapas and Event Planning in Chicago

The CIEE Alumni Chicago Chapter had a fun and exciting gathering at Emilio's Tapas Sol y Nieve last week to plan upcoming chapter events. Chapter president Lauren Swanson reports, "With 9 attendees total, mostly newcomers, we were able to meet new faces and make the world a little smaller. Conversation flowed from our study abroad experiences into our international travels since graduation. It was a great opportunity to spread the word about our chapter's events and discuss cultural/professional events going forward in our community. Happy to kick off 2017 CIEE Alumni events in Chicago, and we look forward to the next event!"


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Event Recap: Cherry Blossoms & Lunch with CIEE Alumni

CIEE alumni in the Washington, D.C. area met on March 19 at Daikaya Izakaya, a Japanese restaurant serving small plate comfort food, to kick off the annual cherry blossom season. Some even journeyed from Maryland and Virginia to network with fellow CIEE alumni and to explore Japanese cuisine in celebration of the season. The cuisine included plates such as abura onigiri, mentaiko donburi, and gyutan (beef tongue). While some were trying new foods, a handful of alumni who studied abroad in Japan were taken back in time with the familiar tastes and traditional dishes presented with a culinary twist. There were also a number of alumni who were attending a chapter event for the first time and expressed excitement for the events to come. After lunch, the group headed out to visit the cherry blossoms and enjoyed a jazz concert by the Tidal Basin, an event which was organized by the National Cherry Blossom Festival.

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Event Recap: Happy Hour on the Hill

On February 9, the CIEE Alumni Washington, D.C. Chapter and CIEE J-1 Professional Exchange Programs co-hosted a happy hour on Capitol Hill to bring together alumni of all CIEE programs and current participants of the CIEE Internship USA and Professional Career Training USA programs for a night of networking. Over 40 alumni and interns, including many participants of the Australian Uni-Capitol Washington Internship Programme (UCWIP), gathered at Capitol Lounge to exchange stories of their travels and talk about international politics. Some CIEE alumni were able to identify and speak to Australian interns who were working at their home state's congressional representative's office on Capitol Hill - a unique opportunity to hear different perspectives on local politics. Here's what some of our attendees had to say about the event:

"It was really interesting to meet the J-1 Interns and hear their perspectives on the government offices where they work. As outsiders to our political system, they talked about their internship locations in a more objective way than Americans who work on the Hill, without all of the usual partisanship and personal feeling that comes from having a personal stake in the process. I’m sure they’ll go back to their home countries with a more nuanced understanding of U.S. politics than what makes it into the news. " - Jackson Morawski, chapter member (CIEE Study Abroad Tokyo, Japan, 2014)

"Over drinks and Capitol Lounge’s famous wings, we shared our experiences of working and traveling outside our home countries. It was a great chance to meet fellow internationally-minded young people, share travel stories, and hear about their experiences in Washington, D.C. during this politically interesting period in the United States. As with many CIEE events, never a dull moment in a room full of well-traveled, energetic, and curious people. Hopefully the first of many shared events with UCWIP." - Mariah Deters, CIEE Alumni Washington, D.C. Chapter President (CIEE Study Abroad, Beijing, China, 2012) 





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Politics and Picnics in Washington, D.C. with CIEE Alumni

Last weekend, the CIEE Alumni Washington, D.C. Chapter organized a second annual picnic to bring together alumni in the area for good food and conversation. Chapter leaders report:

"Although the week was quite cold, this year's picnic fell on a warm, sunny Sunday afternoon. CIEE alumni and guests gathered by the Lincoln Memorial to enjoy great company, music, and conversations about the upcoming election. Most importantly, we got to catch up with each other since the last networking event in July. It was a wonderful day to be out enjoying the fall season while sharing delicious picnic treats. Most CIEE alumni in attendance were participants of study abroad programs, while one participant was from the CIEE Teach Abroad program in Spain. Alumni also talked about planning the upcoming holiday party in early December. Keep your eye on the Alumni Events page and our Facebook group for an announcement soon!"



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